Markets – Aluids is renowned for innovative designs that capture both style and elegance.


Aluids is proud of its association with restaurants with most of our products catering to the food service industry.

Aluids - Market - Restaurants

Grocery and Retail

Having many products related to the food service industry, Grocery and Retail stores related to this sector have been our business partners for many years.

Aluids - Market - Grocery and Retail


In Hospitality industry where service means everything, it is Aluids’ pleasure to provide them our services.

Aluids - Market - Hospitality

Aluids Healthcare Facility Products

Health care services put lives and health first and Aluids does its bit with our healthcare line of products.

Aluids - Market - Healthcare

Plumbing Products for Educational Institutes

Schools, Colleges, Universities and the entire array of educational institutes are a key pillar in societal development.
Our plumbing products are durable and reliable, designed and tested to withstand long and repeated usage which gives the institutions one less thing to worry about and focus on what they do best.

Animal Husbandry

Animal rearing as a primary or an allied industry is a lot of hard work and Aluids’ Animal Husbandry product line comprises products that help in their feeding and cleaning.

Aluids - Market - Animal Husbandry