Bathroom Accessories - Grab Bars - Towel Racks - Shower armsWith best quality and style, Aluids bathroom category products are a great way to complete your bathroom look and needs. Browse through our wide range of sanitary ware and accompaniments to find your best fit for both homes and commercial places. So wait no more to make your bathrooms as refreshing and beautiful as the rest!

The bathroom category is further divided into the following sub-categories for easier segregation and navigation.

Showers – Shower arms are available in both varieties of mounting styles. Wall-mounted and ceiling along with various lengths, circular and square shapes. Shower arm associated and replacement parts are also in this category.

Drains – Drains category has plates and strainers needed for your bathroom floors, bathtubs, and sinks. They avoid wastewater stagnation and keep them clean and dry all the time. Overflow strainers avoid fill-up and overflow of wastewater in sinks and basins.

Grab bars – Placed near toilets and showers to offer support and something to grab on to on the slippery bathroom floors.

Shaving Mirrors – Convenient and flexible to position in any direction according to the person using it.

Floor Installation Tools – Tile spacing and leveling tools for installing bathroom floors.

Bathroom Accessories – Elegant and modern designs of Towel racks, toiletries baskets and accessories.

All Aluids products bear the promise of reliability and long life.