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 Linear Drains

Linear Channel Drains Covers For Shower:

What is a linear shower drain?

A linear shower drain is an elongated shower drain (including siphon) that ensures that the water is drained as efficiently and hygienically as possible. Thanks to the linear shower drain it is easier to use large-sized tiles as your shower floor.

Linear Channel Drains Covers For Shower Size:

When the size of the area is standard, which is in most cases, you can use a standard linear drain. They are available in many sizes: 24”, 28”, 32”, 36”, 48”, 58”. Drains don’t need to run the full length of the wall, which allows you to use a standard length in most projects.

As a general rule-of-thumb, linear drains are located at either the back or sidewall of where the fixtures are installed or along the threshold or entrance

Are linear drains worth it?

Linear drains do more than look cool and are far beyond an embellishment but an improvement. This essential part of the plumbing system of your shower is now an architectural focal point not just for wastewater but to enhance the complete aesthetic of the space.

Are linear drains more expensive?

In general, a linear shower drain unit will cost significantly more than a traditional circular or square shower drain. You should also budget a little more for labor and installation. Installing a linear shower drain will require more coordination between your plumber, contractor, and tile person.