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Aluids Wok and Wand Faucets are made for Commercial cooking Range or Dimsum steamers
wok Range faucets automatically Turns ON when spout is Moved towards Front that means Faucet is activated when spout is turned over wok. Comes in Various Male and Female thread Sizes. extended Wok Range Faucet for bigger wok’s are available.

Chinese-style heavy duty wok cooker range for restaurants and takeaways. Standard Replacement parts are available.

Heavy Duty Wok range Faucet with 12″ Spout

Heavy Duty Chinese style wok range Faucets with 14″ Spout

Heavy Duty extended Wok range Faucet with 17″ Spout are available

Wok and Wand Faucets or taps are generally wall mounted on Chinese Gas Burners but can be made as pedestal mounted wok faucet depending upon type of commercial cooking Range or wok range & Dim Sum Steamers

Wok faucet manufactured in India