Reduce time and effort with Pre-rinse units


Restaurant kitchens being busy places with the order after order coming in and dishes piling up are on a constant lookout for dish cleaning options to increase efficiency and reduce burden.
Pre-rinse unit assembly – the answer they are looking for! 

Pre-rinse spray units are commercial food-service equipment. Their high-arc spout with a flexible pull out faucet let out a steady jet of water at high pressure, washing away food particles from dishes prior to dishwashing.


  • Efficient and reduces human effort

Pre-rinse spray units are built to do away with the need for vigorous scrubbing.
They also prevent staining of pots and other cookware.

This, in effect, reduces the turnaround time for dishwashing and keeps them back in the rotation. 

  • Water and energy saving

The high-pressure water stream dislodges food waste with minimum water. Using an aerator saves more. 

Establishments using warm water for cleaning reduce their energy bills proportionally.

This also cuts carbon footprint and makes businesses Eco-friendlier. 

A Happy You and a Happy Earth! 


Choose your Pre-rinse unit from the following

Mounting style

Pre-rinse units come in two mounting styles – Wall-mounted and Deck mounted.

Pre-rinse units are space-efficient in themselves but the choice of mounting styles can be made depending on the kitchen style and position of your washbasin.

Our pre-rinse unit assembly also comes in the Ecoline category – a single hole deck mounts and add on swing nozzle faucet variant.


Length of hose and spray nozzle

There are multiple sizes to choose from to reach wide – across the entire basin and deep bottom pots and pans.

Pre-rinse units are easy to install and use. If you are either refurbishing your kitchen or thinking to replace your older basin faucet, a pre-rinse faucet is the one to go with and the savings are multi-fold.