Commercial Kitchen

Commercial - Aluids

Here is a good variety of equipment for commercial kitchens with primary focus on Commercial Kitchen Sink Faucets and Commercial Kitchen Faucet parts.

Our collection of Pre-rinse units, Faucets, Drains, etc. are all made of fine quality materials. And the wide range of sizes and designs, all at one place, will have something for everyone.

Commercial Kitchen Sink Faucets consist of:
Special purpose faucets:

  • Pre-rinse units with spray head to rinse before dishwashing.

  • Pedal valve faucets as a hands-free option.

  • Wok wand range faucets for Oriental Chinese cooking.

  • Dipperwell faucets suited for cafes and ice-cream shops.

General purpose faucets:

  • Manual faucets in deck and wall mounting styles and a range of nozzles. They also include Pot or Kettle filler style faucets.

Commercial Work Tables and Sinks

This category also has the Commercial Kitchen Faucet parts. It caters to the replacement and repair components and kits of the faucets listed above.

Other products that can be found are:
Hose reels to conveniently clean large warehouses and floors.
Waste valves with overflow options, Drains and P-traps.
Explore our Water filling station and other accessories to add more functionality to equipment and kitchens.

Aluids products are also cost effective with an added advantage of energy and water saving models too. This is a double win.