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Spray Valve

4.5 Gpm (1)

Spray Valve Flow

1.42 Gpm (7)

1.2 Gpm (1)

1.15 Gpm (2)

Spray Valves for Pre-rinse units

Pre-rinse units have become indispensable to commercial kitchens. But its utility and effectiveness are only as good as the spray valve attached.

Our spray heads category has 3 flow rates – 1.2, 1.42 and 4.50 GPM and can be chosen for economical, regular or heavy-duty use.
Sprayer with brush is available to rinse off food particles.

These Pre-rinse water valves are operated by pressing down the handle. They are self-close units and shut off water as soon as the lever is released.
Hold down ring is used to hold the handle pressed down and supply continuous water spray.